Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Public Transit Sucks

I'm sitting in my terminal to board my flight to San Diego and I can finally breathe easy. I decided to have an adventure today and use public transportation to get to the airport. I am not a fan of UTA.

I had never used public transportation in the US before, and it was a wild ride. After missing my connecting bus to salt lake (I may have been late, but I really think the bus never came) I was stressing because I didn't want to miss my flight, as it would have been very difficult to find another one the day before thanksgiving.

I was fairly certain that spending that much time on a bus meant that I would have some type of venerial disease by the time I got off. No weird rashes or anything yet, but my stomach feels kinda funny.

Let's take a second and talk about the people that ride busses. I really hope I don't come off as a jerk or a snob, but seriously, everyone on the bus and train today had those wide eyes, buck teeth, and that permanant half-smile/blank-stare thing going on. I'm actually really glad public transportation exists though, because I wouldn't ever be on the road if I knew they were going to be behind the wheel.

Okay, that was mean. I'm going to hell I know. But seriously, I had a seeing eye dog come lay on my foot on the bus. No joke.

So, part of this experiment/adventure was to make it to the airport on as little cash as possible. A round trip by car costs about $12, so I figured the $1.60 for bus fare was pretty good. I didn't really take into account the intrinsic costs of riding a bus. Filth, disease, seeing-eye dogs and the 3+ hours of travel time may not have a dollar amount attached to them, but they definately cost something. Then, to top it off, I couldn't find where I was supposed to catch the bus to the airport after I got off TRAX, so I ended up having to call a cab anyway. That cost me $18, so if we add in the $1.60 for the bus and, oh, say $25 worth of hassle, we're looking at a $45 trip to the airport.

Still, it was really fun. I got hit on by some crazy 20-something year-old on TRAX.

Worth every penny.

-Daniel Wilson

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A Holiday.

Whoa! Where did I go? I've been sooooo busy, and because of it just have so much news, I'll have to get back on the proverbial horse and get rolling with my blog again. Sorry, all three of you that might read this.

I'm gonna be famous. I'll tell you why later.

Love love,