Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fore? Four? Look Out!!!

Sooo.... I have a new addiction. It's a little game called golf. I have wanted to get into it for a few years now, but hadn't really had the chance... But last month I got my hands on a set of clubs, thanks to my Grandpa, a long time golfer (and at one point, a 7 handicap) and I've been playing a little here and there. As of today however, I'm officially hooked. I went out this morning to Cedar Hills Golf Club in American Fork, Utah and played the front 9. Up until today, I have had a super tough time with my driver. I have had a wicked slice... No, I'm not kidding, this thing would curve so hard to the right, that the ball would end up 100 yards from where I was aiming... Needless to say, I was losing a lot of balls... But a couple days ago, someone told me to change my grip on the club. It was a slight change, but it made all the difference. I was just drilling the ball today like you wouldn't believe. I found the sweet spot with my 3 wood, and I was out-driving my buddy, who was using his driver, and I was hitting it straight as an arrow. It felt sooooooo good. Well, after nine I finished with a 50, because my iron game was off today. But still... that's not bad for my 5th round of golf ever. I'm really happy right now, and I'm hooked. Goodbye extra money... Not that I ever had any anyway.

P.S. The title of this post is just a joke. I haven't hit anyone yet. I did almost hit the cart girl on the second hole today though. It was a close one.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Scalpel, A Wii-mote, And A Steady Hand.

For those of you who know me. I've spent the last year or so with a borderline obsession with the TV show "Grey's Anatomy". This fixation has even led to serious thought about going to medical school to become a surgeon. While this is still an path that I am considering, I have found a way to appease my need to cut and suture people around me. Trauma Center "Second Opinion" lets me be the surgeon I don't want to wait 7 years to be right now. I performed some complicated procedures tonight, from saving a young girl from imminent death because she was bleeding out from several large aneurysms, to multiple abscesses of benign tumors threatening to become malignant. There were a few close calls, but my patients are all healing nicely now, and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Is Where You Park It.

So, Tuesday is when I'm supposed to be out of my Apartment. Only, I haven't found a place to live yet, and I refuse to go to the GlenHOOD and live with five 19 year old guys, so I've considered buying an RV to make my residence in.

I found this gem for a measly $4000

That's less than an years worth of rent. Sounds like a steal to me. I could totally see myself living in this sweet sunset striped jewel.

Home is where you park it.

A Photographer Without Film

I just shot my 2nd solo wedding on Friday. It's an interesting experience because I learn somthing new every time.

New Lessons:
  • Don't forget to bring your memory cards
  • Salt Lake Traffic is like LA Traffic sometimes
So, I totally left my memory cards at home, and being that I was shooting at the Salt Lake Temple, I couldn't run home and grab them. I was able to get by with my one memory card at the temple and then I stopped at Target on the way to the reception and picked up a 2Gb card for the reception. It cut into my profit margin a bit...

As for the traffic. Yeah, I was an hour late to the reception. It should have taken me half an hour to get there, so I left half an hour before. I lost a lot of hair in that hour and a half.

All in all it went well though.

Here is one unprocessed Pic I took.

Once I get the pictures in Photoshop and touch them up a bit, I'll post more.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Dashboard Confessional Album - Carrabba returns to roots.

I just read this post from Dashboard Confessional's myspace page:

" This fall, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba will return to his roots with the release of The Shade of Poison Trees, Dashboard Confessional’s fifth album for longtime label Vagrant Records. The album marks a notable return to the signature acoustic sound that Carrabba first developed on early Dashboard Confessional albums like 2000’s The Swiss Army Romance and 2001’s The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most.

Recorded over 10 days in Florida with renowned producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park), The Shade of Poison Trees is filled with the kind of earnest acoustic laments and smart, poetic lyrics that long ago turned Carrabba into a feverishly adored artist. While he continues to evolve as a songwriter throughout, the album is a significant return to the Dashboard of old, as well as a tip of the hat to fans that have spent the past nine years by his side.

When asked why he revisited his earlier stylings he responded, “I never really left.”

Over the past year, Dusk and Summer has received universal acclaim from such publications as Rolling Stone, Blender, Spin and the LA Times. And now, Dashboard has returned with The Shade of Poison Trees, an album that is sure to reconnect with the band’s longtime fans and further proving that Carrabba has become one of the most influential songwriters of his generation. Without question, The Shade of Poison Trees is Dashboard’s most personal album yet, and, to that end, Carrabba is set this fall to embark on a North American solo tour – his first in over five years."

I'm actually really really happy about this. Dashboard's best album by far is the Swiss Army Romance, along with Places You've Come to Fear the Most, and if what it says at the end of this post is true, or at least if I understand it correctly, Chris Carrabba will be returning to his former small club atmosphere and playing more intimate shows, with just a mic and a guitar. I'll gladly spike my hair, put on my wristbands, and scream louder than the 14 year old girls I'll be surrounded by to go see Dashboard as the band deserves to be seen, and how it should be seen.

Large venues and an electric guitar are the antithesis of such a band.
I'm glad Chris is figuring that out.