Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Photographer Without Film

I just shot my 2nd solo wedding on Friday. It's an interesting experience because I learn somthing new every time.

New Lessons:
  • Don't forget to bring your memory cards
  • Salt Lake Traffic is like LA Traffic sometimes
So, I totally left my memory cards at home, and being that I was shooting at the Salt Lake Temple, I couldn't run home and grab them. I was able to get by with my one memory card at the temple and then I stopped at Target on the way to the reception and picked up a 2Gb card for the reception. It cut into my profit margin a bit...

As for the traffic. Yeah, I was an hour late to the reception. It should have taken me half an hour to get there, so I left half an hour before. I lost a lot of hair in that hour and a half.

All in all it went well though.

Here is one unprocessed Pic I took.

Once I get the pictures in Photoshop and touch them up a bit, I'll post more.

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