Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fore? Four? Look Out!!!

Sooo.... I have a new addiction. It's a little game called golf. I have wanted to get into it for a few years now, but hadn't really had the chance... But last month I got my hands on a set of clubs, thanks to my Grandpa, a long time golfer (and at one point, a 7 handicap) and I've been playing a little here and there. As of today however, I'm officially hooked. I went out this morning to Cedar Hills Golf Club in American Fork, Utah and played the front 9. Up until today, I have had a super tough time with my driver. I have had a wicked slice... No, I'm not kidding, this thing would curve so hard to the right, that the ball would end up 100 yards from where I was aiming... Needless to say, I was losing a lot of balls... But a couple days ago, someone told me to change my grip on the club. It was a slight change, but it made all the difference. I was just drilling the ball today like you wouldn't believe. I found the sweet spot with my 3 wood, and I was out-driving my buddy, who was using his driver, and I was hitting it straight as an arrow. It felt sooooooo good. Well, after nine I finished with a 50, because my iron game was off today. But still... that's not bad for my 5th round of golf ever. I'm really happy right now, and I'm hooked. Goodbye extra money... Not that I ever had any anyway.

P.S. The title of this post is just a joke. I haven't hit anyone yet. I did almost hit the cart girl on the second hole today though. It was a close one.


elise L photography said...

I don't remember the guy's name, but he's a zephyr boy and so freaking rad.
ps. i'm down with getting married. after a mish :)

deanna said...

Speaking of handicaps...remember me last night?! Maybe that was inappropriate, but it made me laugh. Putt on.

Lindsey said...

hey there, brother. Golf, huh? Impressive. Here's the link for that triathlon if you were serious about wanting info: let us know if you decide to register!