Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wrong Drivethru

So one day I was driving around and I decided to stop for something to eat. I pulled into the drive thru with my mind made up already. I didn't even look at the menu, I just pulled up to the crackly voice box thing and confidently ordered.

Me- "I'd like a guacamole bacon burger please."

Drive thru guy - "Well, if you want to, you can drive down the road to Carl's Jr and they can probably get one of those for you. But we actually don't serve those here."

Me- "Huh? Where am I?"

DtG- "Burger King."

Me - "Ah crap..." (Sound of car speeding away)

One of my blondest moments for sure. At least it was the drive thru so they didn't see my face.

I just went to Subway instead.

On a side note, the guacamole bacon 6 dollar burger is absolutely delicious.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Bar Scene

Apparently its been 8 months since I updated my blog...

I've been getting in trouble so I'm posting. I'm sitting here in Park City with some good friends.

It's "glamour" night at Harry-O's, so there are girls in bikini's and furry hooker boots dancing on the bar (pictures NOT included). Not my scene. We didn't stay long.

We went down a couple doors to the No Name Saloon where instead of trance rave music they were playing Led Zeppelin. Now we're talking. That's where the picture comes from. I don't do the bar scene very often, and everytime I do I am reminded why I don't. But I'm with friends, so I'm having fun. Besides, someone's gotta drive.

Maybe I'll be a little better about updating this thing. Sorry guys.
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