Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Mishaps

I've been skateboarding for about 10 years now. I feel like it's pretty safe to say that I've got a pretty solid understanding of how durable a skateboard should be.

Today's life lesson: Toy store skateboards should not be compared to real skateboards.

My cousin got this sweet mongoose skateboard from wal-mart or somewhere like that. He pulled it out of the package and left it lying on the floor. I decided I would impress everyone with my skills and jumped on it to do a nose manual.

I've broken my fair share of skateboards, but never this quickly. Even in my heyday of skating daily, a skate would last at least a week, but typically about a month. This one didn't even pretend to last. As soon as I jumped on it, it cracked right behind the front truck.

It was a pretty satisfying crack, but it was in front of my entire extended family (about 30 people) and I felt like an idiot.

Danny Wilson, destroyer of Christmas joy.

-Daniel Wilson
(email sent via blackberry)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm growing slightly obsessed with blogs.

Blogs are taking over my life...

I've recently discovered the merits of multiple-author blogs, so I started one for the band...

If anyone wants to follow the antics of our band, then you can do it there... Isaac, Jet, and myself will be posting there, hopefully fairly regularly. Joe however still uses stone tablets and chisels to write, so he might not venture into the realm of blog-authordom, but that's okay, he's really good at the drums, and can make sushi, so we still love him.

Thanks to you if you read it.