Monday, September 10, 2007

Flashing people, more fun than I imagined.

I've got a new toy, and it's proved more useful and fun than I ever imagined that it would.

Off camera flash, what everyone else is missing.

So I got a second flash (the wallet said, "Ouch!"), a lightstand, and an umbrella. I had it rush shipped (another "Ouch!"), UPS 2-Day air. It was a good thing I did. The day it came I had some Bridal shots scheduled for that evening.

Originally the plan was to meet at 6pm. She pushed it back to 7, and then didn't end up showing up until just before 8. Translation, the sun had gone to sleep and all workable light was gone. I was mad for a couple reasons:
  1. I had just sat and waited for over an hour and, as Billy Crystal said, "Mime is Money." (tell me what movie that is from, and I'll think you're pretty cool)
  2. I don't like doing crappy work, and no good light makes it hard not to.
So with a scowl on my face and anger in my chest we embarked on our photo excursion. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun though, and an interesting experience to boot. I still think I would have gotten much better photos if we had started 2 hours earlier, but you've got to make the most of what you have. And besides, had we shot earlier, I never would have gotten a shot like the beauty you're about to see.

This one looks like a movie still to me, and I think it's my favorite picture
of the shoot, even though it's unusable as a bridal picture. It still blows
my mind.

I haven't really gone through the pictures in detail yet, but I think I got some decent ones that will work. The whole off camera flash was a new experiment this night, but I think that for my first time I did alright. Here's a couple more from the shoot.


Shea said...

First of all, so proud of you are so good at flashing people!

Secondly, as for the girl mentioned in the previous post- let me look her up on facebook...I have a few unkind words to send in her direction.

elise L photography said...

Exciting!! Love bridal shots!!

Were those shots photographed with film?

Anonymous said...

hey i know her!! are you photographing their wedding?