Monday, May 26, 2008

Dang you, Rachel.

Rachel Sharp tagged me in this musical ABC's thing... I guess you pick a band or a song for each letter of the alphabet...We'll see how it goes.

A. Anberlin - "Godspeed" and "Adelaide", these songs actually really rock. I've been grooving to them for a bit now..
B. Brand New - Perhaps my favorite studio band. Live performances I've seen have left a lot to be desired, not that they don't sound great, they just don't really entertain... but their studio work is simply amazing.
C. Circa Survive - I just met Anthony Green last week, and he seriously is the nicest guy ever, not to mention an amazing vocalist...
D. Dashboard Confessional - Chris Carraba... I'm not sure which I like better, listening to his music, or playing his songs on my guitar and screaming at the top of my lungs when no one is home. His music is seriously some of the most fun to play of any band...
E. Elton John - Call me what you will, I LOVE Elton John. "Your Song" is one of my favorites....
F. Foo Fighters - Duh.... I freaking love Dave Grohl. I can't get enough. Their DVD "Skin and Bones" is great. Get it. Watch it. Love it.
G. Greenday - AMAZING live. Seriously, one of the most solid and talented live performance acts ever. Whether you like their music or not, you have to hand them that.
H. Hells Bells - AC/DC - Do I really even need to say anything?
I. Imogen Heap - Once again, you might question my sexuality on this one, but she is awesome. "Hide and Seek" changed my life.
J. Journey - Because I won't stop believin'
K. The Killers - "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll" - One of the best songs ever, and my personal Killers fav.
L. Lagwagon - Joey Cape is a genius, and everything he touches is gold.
M. Millencolin - Just another high school punk rock fav.
N. No Use For A Name - Have you heard their new album???
O. Operation Ivy - I never realized that these old school punk bands only used the middle of the alphabet to start their names...
P. "Punk In Drublic" - NOFX - arguably their best album, the one that got me started anyway.
Q. Queen - I mean really? Is there any other answer? Forever one of my favorite bands.
R. The Rolling Stones - I had to throw in some classic rock... I mean, I did give Led Zeppelin the shaft on "L" anyway...
S. Saves the Day - I was never a huge fan until their latest album "Under the Boards" - amazing.
T. Taking Back Sunday - Just thought I'd give a shoutout to good old fashioned Pop Punk.
U. Unwritten Law - So good on CD. So good live.
V. Vitamin C - We talked all night about the rest of our lives, where we gonna be when we turn 25? Holy crap. I'm 25... Where am I?
W. "War of the Worlds" - the 3rd Bad Astronaut album. Maybe not as good as "Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem," but still, It's Joey Cape. You can't go wrong.
X. The Xylophone that they play in the first All-American Rejects on the song "My Paper Heart." That was my idea, but they beat me to it...
Y. Yanni - His smooth piano stylings were forever ruined by a girl who played Yanni for me on the piano, and then broke my heart. I don't really want to talk about it...
Z. Led Zeppelin - Does that work? C'mon Z is tough, and I thought I'd make up for not giving what is quite possibly one of the greatest bands of all time their spot on L. Cut me some slack.

I guess I'll tag Heather, because she is the only person that I know reads my blog...

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Heather said...

haha! danny, i totally always read your blogs! :) love ya! ps. i love your bands