Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Border Patrol

My Parents think I should get a job on the Border Patrol. I'm just curious if anyone can see me working in law enforcement...?

Let's take a second and weigh my options...

Border Patrol Vs. Rockstar

RS - Play my guitar and sing songs for a living
BP - Catch Mexicans and Terrorists for a living
RS - Low probability of actually "making it"
BP - Could have a job in as little as 3 months
RS - Have to live wherever the band is
BP - Have to live where I am working
RS - Sleep on a tour bus
BP - Sleep in my own bed
RS - Might make millions, might make nothing
BP - Decent steady income
RS - Gone on tour for extended periods of time
BP - Home for dinner
RS - Wield an "axe" aka guitar
BP - Wield a Glock and/or 12 Gauge
RS - Wear sweet outfits and costumes to work
BP - Wear that lame green uniform to work
RS - Thick gnarly beards are acceptable in my line of work
BP - Thick gnarly mustaches are acceptable in my line of work
RS - Long hair is smiled upon
BP - Long hair is frowned upon, unless you're under cover
RS - Bullet proof vests are just stage costumes
BP - Bullet proof vests are standard issue
RS - Everyone knows who you are, and loves you
BP - Juan, Ernesto, and Panfilo know who you are, and hate you

Those are just a few things I could think of, feel free to add more. And please, give me your opinion on which I should choose.

All jokes aside though, the Border Patrol could be a pretty cool job. You basically go take quads and 4x4's around and snag Mexicans trying to sneak across the border. It's not dangerous like being a police officer.

On the other side of the coin, however; everyone wants to be a Rockstar...


Heather said...

those poor little mexicans just wanna be FREE. you're gonna be one of those "mean" dudes that yell at me asking me for my drivers lisence and then ask all these obnoxious questions? remember when they almost didnt let Jared back in the states bc he didnt have his ID?

Rachel Sharp said...

yeah seriously leave the Mexi's alone. That's my heritage your a messing with, homes. And I think it's a terrible idea.

Winder Love said...

Your last reason of Juan, Ernesto and Pablo knowing who you are did me in. Def. should be a bp. Rock on.

deanna said...

Hot cop!

Sidney Bristow said...

definitely RS, DW.

Travis said...

Danny, I'll put in a petition to Becca to see if you qualify to be added to our's a presitgious list...