Sunday, August 31, 2008

Return of the Prodigal Son

Danny has returned to Provo.

So I got in Friday afternoon after a couple months away in DC. I thought it would be a smooth transition back into Provo life, but reality gave me a harsh slap across the face. My friend Meredeth was in town too, and unfamiliar with the Provo scene, so we took a trip over the Sev. across the street to experience some Provo nightlife.

We were both shocked. The following is a representation of what we saw.

Boys with beards.

Some Cutoffs on guys.

Indie Kids with questionable fashion sense

And some "Mormon" girls with questionable values.

Provo is an interesting place to live, but it's where I call home, and I love it. Meredeth didn't really know what to do about the overload of amazingness that we found at the 7-11, but that's why you've got to love it here. Where else can you find such diversity in one convenience store? Raj saw us laughing at everyone, and he started laughing too and said that he loves his job because he gets a new show every five minutes. I like that guy.

Oh, I almost forgot...

The new freshman girls that look 10 years old and are trying WAY to hard to be cute and impress freshman boys. We saw some of them too...


deanna said...

I bet DB was there talking with the freshman girls trying to impress them as well. I miss You-tah.

Sidney said...

i feel as though you stole those images straight from my memory. good work.

andrea.roche said...

Hubby and I died laughing reading this....SOOOOO true!!! And everyone says Provo is an undiversified "bubble." WHO are these people!?!