Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am a total NERD.

I'm coming to find out I'm a total nerd.

I first got the impression that I was a nerd when I started enjoying my physics class a lot this semester. I tried to maintain my aloof coolness by saying things like: "Nah, physics is pretty cool. I could chuck a baby off of that roof, and just by timing how long it took to hit the ground, I could tell you how tall the building is."

But then I realized that talking about throwing babies off of buildings isn't really cool at all, so I stopped doing that.

I really started to worry about myself when I would totally geek out when I got a physics problem right. I think the only time I've been happier since I got 100% on my physics homework was when I baptized someone on my mission.

I was still able to justify that, however, by telling myself that I just enjoyed the sense of accomplishment, which is totally cool thing, akin to landing a new trick on a snowboard or something.

But no. I can't avoid it any longer. I'm a nerd.

The convicting piece of evidence in my case?

I just watched this entire video, and thoroughly enjoyed it...

Don't try to save me from nerd-dom. I'm a lost cause.

(You might be a nerd too. Watch the video for 1 minute. If you're not hooked, then you're not a nerd.)


deanna said...

I think I saw my house in that video. It kinda reminds me of the coolness of the film Donald in Mathemagic Land (where Donald Duck finds out math is cool by playing pool) and the creepiness of the movie 23 (1 add a zero...make it 10...blah blah blah).

Bridget said...

I find it funny that in your blog previous to this you called yourself and idiot. So what is it really?

Heather said...

i've seen this video and i LOVE it. I've ALWAYS wanted to be a nerd... that would mean that I'm smart.... am I really a nerd danny? C'comon, you know me better than that. I wish I was though.... Consider yourself lucky.