Friday, October 10, 2008

This makes me feel weird.

So, I write music.

Sometimes I get an idea for a song, and just so I don't forget it later, I'll open up Photobooth on my Mac and make a quick video of the song, so I can remember what it sounds like, and I can see myself playing it, in case I forget how.

I got a bit carried away here. This is pretty weird, so be warned... :)

I know I mess up a couple of times, but this was surprisingly hard to do...

Thanks for watching! I hope you're thoroughly weirded out!


Bridget said...

YES. Kind of gave me a creepy feeling. But in a good way if you know what I mean ;)

Sidney Bristow said...

oh em gee i totally lol'd like, mega!!!

but the song is nice.

seriously. i cannot stop laughing. wtf danny, too many poprocks candy bars?!???

deanna said...

How do you play dueling guitars at once?! WOW! I miss this not being done in the basement, with the Baumer in her pj's, Hannah in the shower for too long, and the moms making dinner upstairs. Let's reunite.

Tara said...

i'm weirded. congrats.