Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I recently made two resolutions.

1. Stop stealing music.
- I'm going to actually buy music rather than download it. I decided this for two reasons. One of the reasons is my 2nd resolution, the other is for honesty's sake.

2. Stop listening to downgraded music.
- Okay, so this is kinda nerdy, but once you start, you can't go back. .Mp3's are compressed versions of CD quality audio files. They basically chop a big chunk of the sound spectrum off each end and just give you the meat of the music. Most people don't notice the difference, but I do.

I've started ripping all my music in Apple Lossless format, and the sound quality really is a whole lot better, especially through a semi-decent pair of headphones. You'll hear things in songs that you've never noticed before if you do it. The music is much fuller.

The downside? File size. A full album in lossless is around 300mb.

The other downside? I didn't realize how many of my favorite albums I've never actually owned, or bands for that matter. I've never bought a single CD by Brand New, who is quite possibly my favorite band... Weird. I've got a lot of music to buy.

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deanna said...

Remember that time I bought you stuff and you never paid me back? I want it in hair bows...yeah that's MY big thing lately.