Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The First Snow

Provo, Utah

I happen to love the snow. I was stoked this morning to find a fresh layer of snow covering Provo. It had started snowing last night, so I knew it would be coming, but it's still fun anyway. Sometimes you have no idea its going to snow and you find six inches in the morning, thats my favorite... It just snowed a couple of inches last night but it's still fun. It snowed 17" in the last 24 hours in Park City, and that makes me happiest. It should keep snowing for the next few days.

This morning I had an opportunity to get my good deed done early. One of my friends couldn't get her car door open, so I went to help her and as I guessed, it was frozen shut. Just a bit of lever action with a screwdriver popped it open and she was on her way, after I scraped all the snow off her windows for her. I bring this up not as self glory, but rather as a seguey into my main point today: Karma. I'm becomming a firm believer in Karma. Last night I was working, and I had this table of four young girls, who I pretty much hooked up, yet they stiffed me on the tip. One of the girls paid with a credit card and it would have been easy to alter her receipt to add the tip that I should have gotten, and I was severely tempted to do so, but I thought the better of it and decided to be the honest little boy that I usually am. The night ended up not being very lucrative for me, and I was a bit saddend by it. I was cleaning up my section and sweeping under one of my booths when I heard some paper rustling as I swept. I figured it was a kid's menu or something and as I looked under the table I found fifteen dollars in cash. Karma. Don't steal five and find fifteen. So now I'm on a quest to up the Karma in my life. If you need good deeds done, call me.

Here's just a random picture I took as I was walking to class this morning. I love the snow.

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