Monday, November 20, 2006

The Jumping-Off Point

It's a rather daunting prospect to have the world at your feet.

So, I’m 23, halfway through college, and no idea as to what my future holds. I realize that, right now, I could become anything that I choose to become. I can go anywhere I choose to go. It’s pretty scary. If I just had maybe one thing that I was good at, then I guess the decision would be easy, but I have various strengths in many areas, so I am forced to choose and hope dearly that I don’t blow it. The ride should be interesting to watch from the outside, hell to direct from the inside, and a whole lot of fun for both parties. So if you’re interested, follow me over the next few years, and let’s see where life takes me. Welcome to the jumping-off point of what we’ll call...

Makautomatik – The Mak Travels

Materials Included
- Me
- Laptop
- Camera
- 4Runner + Debt
- Imagination & Daring

Thanks for playing along, this should be fun.

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