Saturday, November 28, 2009

Being a kid again.

So the nerd in me totally geeked out the other day when I randomly came across this:

That's right. It's the Collectors Edition LEGO Millennium Falcon. It's only about $630 on
I'll be honest, I want it. The only problem is, there is no way for me to justify getting something like this. There are a lot of better ways to spend $630. Nobody is going to be impressed with my $630 collectors edition Millennium Falcon. I really just can't pull it off.

I was thinking about how lame it is that I'm not allowed to be into all the stuff I was when I was a kid when I came up with the perfect solution.

I don't have to be a kid to play with kids toys, I just have to have a kid to play with. It's genius. I can "be a good dad" and buy my kid stuff that I secretly just want to play with.

Things like:


So get over here baby mama, and let's do this thing.

Oh, and it had better be a boy.


deanna said...

be there in 5...

Ashley said...

I actually have something to tell you...