Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BYU Ride Board

In the Wilkinson Center at BYU there's a big map of the US with little boxes around the edges that you can place little cards advertising open spots in your car to different parts of the country. You can also place cards saying you're looking for a ride.

I've never used the BYU ride board before, but due to a last-minute decision last night to head home for Thanksgiving I decided to give it a shot.

All the cards for people looking for rides turned out to be a bust. Guess its kinda short notice. The only winner was a girl named Johanna looking for someone to split gas with.

Or so I thought.

Turns out we have a packed car here. Johanna's hubby is behind the wheel and I'm smashed in the back with a couple random losers.

Currently, I'm dodging dozing headbuts from Wilbur here next to me. Why the girl isn't sitting in the middle I have no idea, but if Willy puts his foot on top of mine one more time I'm going to lose it.
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Heather and Nick said...

hahahaha oh danny.. you seriously are so funny. Love this post.

happy thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

haha you loved Willy and his new gf. what about the pit sniffer pic?? :)

deanna said...

I like to go there and put a card for a "needs a ride" in the Hawaii slot. Makes me giggle EVERY time!
PS Hope you don't die on the trip

Anonymous said...
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